Monday, January 9, 2012

Peoples Liberation Front - Press Release - Deaths Of Occupy Nigeria Protesters

Peoples Liberation Front - Press Release - Deaths Of Occupy Nigeria Protesters

Monday - January 9, 2012  2:30 PM PT

Regarding Anonymous Operation Nigeria II, and the defense and support of the Occupy Nigeria protesters - Anonymous Nigeria ( ) will be releasing a statement sometime Tuesday (tomorrow). In that statement, Anonymous Nigeria will speak with a Nigerian voice for all of Anonymous and the allied groups of Op Nigeria II. They will address in a very visceral way, we are certain - today's deaths of peaceful protesters at the hands of their own security forces. We will keep you posted on our own feeds and let you know as soon as they release that statement. We will stand together, as one unified Operation Nigeria - and Anonymous Nigeria will speak for us and what we will do to those who have committed these horrible crimes.

For now, the PLF wanted to release an update with what little information we have been able to confirm. Our Intel Staff confirms at least 3 dead and nearly 50 injured, some quite seriously. Local hospitals report being inundated with gun shot cases. These numbers will surely grow higher, and we will update the world as we are able to confirm more facts. As you might imagine, things are quite chaotic at the moment in Nigeria. Media has taken to reporting Twitter rumors which then take on a life of their own. Beware of anything more than can be confirmed through facts on the ground.

As we await the coming statement from Anonymous Nigeria, we will continue to gather data on yesterdays events, and we will gather EVIDENCE for the ICC in the Hague as well. We will find a way to publish it all within the next 6 to 10 hours. Visit these web sites for help or updates:

Follow these Twitter feeds for updates from the ground and cyber-space: @Anon_Nigeria  @PLF2012  @NaijaCyberHack @AFreeNigeria @OccupyNigeria

You can also join #OpNigeria to assist in the cyber operation.

To the Nigerian people, know that we the Peoples Liberation Front - stand steadfast with you and will never desert you. To the Nigerian government, you have killed your own people - now you will face justice. Leave now while you still can. WE  ARE  WATCHING  EVERYTHING  YOU  DO.

PLF Central Command

Press Release -

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